how to cope with low self-esteem and counselling to help your self image and body dysmorphia

self esteem
/ˌsɛlfɛˈstiːm/ (noun)
confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect.

I figured you might have some questions. If I haven’t answered yours here, give me a ring and I can put your mind at rest about whatever is troubling you: 07525 116668.

Q. I thought I was coming to you for counselling, what do you mean by support?
A. I know it might sound strange or even counterproductive, but as well as counselling from me it is also ideal to have a support network at home – and that starts with you! I call it ‘self-care’, not to be confused with being ‘selfish’

Q. So what do I have to do?
A. Once you’ve arranged your counselling session, see if you can make dinner an easy option that evening. Give yourself time to breathe! Get to the session with a little free time to relax. Switch your phone off and park the 1001 things on your to-do list. They can wait a little while – your counselling session is all about you.

Q. What about after my session?
A. Always remember that your counselling is all about you. So even the music in your car should be what you like. You might like to keep your phone switched off for a few minutes more or even park up and sit in the car in silence to mentally ‘debrief’ the session. When you get home you may or may not want to talk about your session. You may want a cup of tea or a hug, I encourage you to communicate what you might need.

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It was so helpful to have someone to talk to who was able to listen and not judge
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Sophie Rantzau Counselling is a private counselling service providing a confidential, supportive and safe place to talk.

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“I was apprehensive at first but Sophie made me feel at ease and comfortable and throughout she helped me believe in myself again and get the confidence and strength back.
My time with Sophie was invaluable.”

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