Please feel free to fllick through some of my testimonials. Not to show off how good I am, but so that you can see what people just like you are saying. If you need help at this moment, hopefully these testimonials will demonstrate how counselling works and how well it works. I will be delighted to help you, too. And even if you simply have a question and want to reach out, I am always at the end of the phone – 07525 116668.

What follows are just short snippets from often much longer testimonials. Names have been withheld for confidentiality but full testimonials are all on file in my office.

Call me for a quick chat on 07525 116668

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Sophie Rantzau Counselling is a private counselling service providing a confidential, supportive and safe place to talk.

Sessions are priced at £65 for
50 minutes.

      07525 116668

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“I was apprehensive at first but Sophie made me feel at ease and comfortable and throughout she helped me believe in myself again and get the confidence and strength back.
My time with Sophie was invaluable.”

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